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Candace "The Six Figure Spa Chick “Holyfield

From Underrepresentation to Domination of the Spa Industry


Businesswoman, serial entrepreneur, and six figure educator Candace Holyfield has truly sprung forth from her roots in Memphis, Tennessee, and her background in massage therapy. It is awe inspiring to see how much she has pushed herself and those connected to her. “I six figure everything I do” is one of the business giants most consistent declarations.  She has been able to duplicate her success in many other areas of business. Teaching other spa owners about their capabilities for higher earning has become her trademark.

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self love

Shannon Jackson, ‘The People’s Nurse’

Give the Gift of Wellness –the Wellness Box

When we look at the occupations that society has always held in high regard, we have always looked at Nursing as a prestigious position.  We look to nurses in times of health crises. The public looks to them for answers when what the doctors say just does not seem to make sense. The pressure is on them to care for our loved ones when we are unable to make the time.  Naturally, one wonders who cares for our Nurses when they become overwhelmed from the requirements of their careers? Spending time with Shannon Jackson RN can give someone tremendous insight.

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As designers around the world gather again to showcase their latest designs during New York Fashion Week in February 2021, Fllumaé is no exception. With blends of patterns, touches of masculinity, splashes of colors, fun textures, long billowy dresses, and bold suits at modesty, the Fllumaé Fall/Winter 2021 Collection Fioro is one not to be missed. Inspired by the 70s era, the Saidi sisters, created a daring and elegant assemblage that radiates empowerment, individuality, strength, and allurement.



I’m Loving Me Project

For Gloria Ward and the women that make up the “I’m Loving Me Project”, self-love is more than just a few spontaneous acts it is a lifestyle.  They have moved past the norms of some typical women’s empowerment organizations.  They are doing more than simply patting each other on the back for their accomplishments or stopping at creating vision boards. They are giving women practical tools of application on ways to enrich their lives long-term.

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